Our clients are the “cornerstone” of our business

Our clients are why we do what we do, and that’s why we would like you to get to know some of them. (To protect anonymity, names have been changed)

Hillary and Tom are married and in their mid-50’s
Having had several different employers, they are now in new jobs with the same employer. They came to us because they have 401(k) accounts and IRAs “all over the place,” making them feel disorganized and not in control when it comes to their finances. Should they just move everything into the new retirement plan at their new place of work? We advised against this because the employer plan offered limited investment options. Instead, we helped Hillary and Tom consolidate all those accounts into one easy to track IRA for each and provided them with investment management of all their assets.

Kim is in her late 40’s and going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage
Having left financial decisions up to her husband during their marriage, Kim lacks knowledge and experience with investing. Consequently, she is unsure what income she will need after the divorce or whether the proposed settlement is advantageous for her. Our financial projections helped Kim decide which of their financial and personal assets would best help support her until she could go back to school and get back into the job market.

Seth and Ruth hope to retire in the next three years
The couple was looking for confirmation that they could continue to maintain their existing lifestyle in retirement without running out of money to fund it. We provided retirement planning services, including developing projections and identifying savings goals for the years leading up to their retirement. In addition, we provided investment management services that included reallocating their portfolio so it would better meet their financial goals.

Joan is in her 60’s
Having used the services of a local brokerage firm for the past ten years, Joan grew tired of getting passed from one broker to the next. She only hears from her account executive once a year or so when he calls to suggest a stock purchase. She doesn’t trust him or feel like she has any kind of relationship with him, and he uses so much industry jargon she has a hard time understanding what he’s saying. Joan wants an advisor she knows is impartial, has nothing to sell, and will take the time to sit down with her and answer her questions with words she can understand. Through the process, we crafted a portfolio that serves her individual needs, including her interest in socially responsible investing, and addresses her personal goals.

John and Kevin have been together for many years but have maintained separate investment accounts as well as holding real estate in their individual names
This couple came to us for financial planning and investment management assistance. In the process, we helped them get clear about their wishes regarding the transfer of property in the event of either one’s death. This led to some shifting of accounts and property titling as well as a reference to an estate-planning attorney.

Sally was unexpectedly widowed in her late 40’s
She and her late husband have two teenaged children. Sally contacted us soon after her spouse’s death, and we assisted her in preparing the necessary paperwork for life insurance proceeds and retirement plan rollovers. We also guided her in pension plan decisions, cash flow and budgeting, and investment management.