Exclusively Fee-Only

Thank you for considering a fee-only financial advisor for your financial planning needs. As fee-only consultants we can receive compensation only from you, we cannot receive compensation from any other source. This means that you receive

• A higher level of objectivity
• Focused attention on your unique needs and financial situation
• A commitment to your goals and to helping you be successful

To learn more about fee-only practitioners, please visit NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) or download our Advisor Assessment Form.

Doesn’t it make sense for your financial advisor to be paid for working with you, not for selling investments to you? Contact us today.


Fee Schedule
As fee-only practitioners, it means our compensation comes from our client relationships rather than from commissions.

For financial planning and investment management services we generally work with clients whose investment assets total more than $750,000 based on the following fee structure.

Our Fee Schedule:

The first $1 million
1.00% annually
From $1 million to $4 million    0.60% annually
Above $4 million 0.30% annually

Note: All fees are subject to negotiation at the sole discretion of Cornerstone Financial Planning LLC

To engage Cornerstone in divorce planning we charge a rate of $225 per hour.