Smart Diversification for Your Portfolio

Many people find that investing can be challenging and at times tedious. At Cornerstone, we strive to make it effortless and stress-free; investing and protecting your assets in a way that works for you.

Taking into account your life goals, time horizons, income and liquidity needs, risk tolerance and tax considerations, we can tailor an Investment Plan to help you address your evolving financial needs and the changing market.

It is our philosophy that diversification reduces risk. Even a random mix of investments split between equities, bonds and cash is less risky than putting all your money into a single investment. In fact, research has shown that allocation accounts for 90% of the variability of return in the portfolio. You'll discover how the breakdown of your investments can impact how your portfolio may move up or down.

The following key principles govern our practice in how we manage your portfolio and our relationship:

• Clarity of goals, grounded in reality, in terms of preservation,
   protection, and growth
• A focus on asset allocation and diversification
• Full disclosure and management of risks including volatility,
   liquidity, and shortfall
• Innovation and thorough exploration of investment options

For a more personalized and objective approach contact us today to learn how our philosophy can work for you.