Your Financial Life

Back to Basics: Budgeting

Posted by Mackenzie Arsenault on 17 Jan, 2017 –

Ugh; the dreaded ‘B’ word! The best thing for you is sometimes the hardest but it doesn’t have to be so when using the following tips and tools!The ‘cornerstone’ to any financial plan is your cash flow – what is coming in and what is going out. You might think of it as your “spending plan”. Without reviewing your cash flow it is impossible to budget…


Let's Get Started!

Posted by Mackenzie Arsenault on 20 Jun, 2016 –

What is ‘Your Financial Life’? It is the ongoing process of making smart decisions around money that in turns helps you achieve financial life goals.I see many of my peers struggle to make sound financial decisions and I want to help! Everyone needs financial planning but a lot of people think it’s not for them. Either they feel they don’t have enough money to justify it…