Check Out the Maine B Corp™ Movement

Posted by Anna Traugh on October 15, 2021

                Cornerstone Financial Planning is excited to share that our great state now has its own Maine B Corp™ website! This incredible resource is the result of many hours of volunteer efforts from employees of Certified B Corporations© and advocates across the state.

The website not only allows you to learn about the Certified B Corporations© that we already have in ME, but it also introduces the purpose and importance of B Corps™ and how you can take action to support local efforts. There are many ways to contribute to this movement for the greater good beyond becoming a B Corp™ company, including bringing awareness to the movement, as well as buying from Maine B Corporations©. If you are interested in learning more about the continuous efforts being made to improve Maine’s sustainability and environmentally conscious efforts, you can join the email list from the Maine B Corp™ website here!

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