Exclusively Fee-Only; No Commissions

We aren’t here to sell to you. We are here to be of service to you.

There are different kinds of financial planning businesses—those that are fee-only and those that are fee-based. The two terms sound quite similar, but there is a world of difference between them that is important to understand before choosing a financial planning firm.

As a fee-only financial planning business, the only compensation we receive is from you. In other words, if we make a recommendation to you, you can be sure we are doing so because it’s in your best interest and not because we will receive any form of commission, referral fee, or other type of compensation.

This is important to you because it means we can be more objective than a financial planning business that stands to gain financially from the transactions it makes. With our approach, we are entirely committed to your goals focused completely on your unique needs and financial situation, not on recommendations that will add to our bottom line.

We believe fee-only financial planning is the most ethical way to offer our services and the only way we want to do business and carry out our fiduciary responsibilities to you. We are in this for the long-term—to establish an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with you that is based on trust, honesty, and integrity.

Fee Schedule

For financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, socially responsible investing, and tax planning services, we generally work with clients whose investment assets total more than $750,000. Our fee structure is as follows:

Up to $1 million 1.00% annually
$1 - $4 million 0.60% annually
Above $4 million 0.30% annually

Hourly financial planning services are charged at a rate of $300 per hour with no minimum charge.

Divorce planning services are charged at a rate of $250 per hour with no minimum charge.

Note: All fees are subject to negotiation at the sole discretion of Cornerstone Financial Planning LLC.

To learn more about fee-only financial planners, please visit NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors)