Going Inward During Stressful Times

Posted by Susan Veligor on April 24, 2020

The flurry of constant commentary, information, and recommendations is exhausting for many of us. Life is more stressful on many levels and constitutionally, we may feel less grounded, and in general “burned-out”. The knowing we are not alone, yet we are alone seems conflicted. We are for sure in transition, and in the best of times, every transition comes with its challenge – and now even more so!

This is an opportunity for going inward – perhaps studying Chakras, from early Hinduism, which explores the physio and psychic centers of the body; or Ayurveda, an ancient Indian study of the mind/body connection and its power for healing (check out your “Dosha”!) Consider Earth-based religions with their focus on the natural world. Strengthen Feng Shui in your home using this Chinese method for harmonizing your surroundings with the environment. Above all, be gentle with yourself.

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