Greetings and Happy 2022!

Posted by Anna Traugh on January 20, 2022

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how dis-United we have become in America. By many means, it seems anger, hatred, and impatience have trammeled their way into our society and culture. I long for the days following 911 when everyone was caring, compassionate, and focused on us as one nation. Older folks, no doubt, recall a similar sentiment from the Roosevelt administration and World War II. 

Personally, I’m striving this year to abandon judgment of other’s politics, and see clear to that humanity we all carry in our hearts. I aim to maintain hope that we restore a common ground for a common good and hold fast to faith in our ability to grow and learn and change - together. It’s a tall order, but America is for dreamers! Although there isn’t much about finances in this message, I do believe the adage that money makes the world go around has at its very roots people coming together. Wishing you much joy in fellowship.

Image Source: Together We Can Charity Trust

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