Guys 'n Gals: a message to all women

Posted by Susan Veligor on January 11, 2018

I’ve noticed for years now a growing use of the pronoun “guys” when addressing a group of two or more people regardless of gender. It is most glaring, though, when the group consists of all women! In the early years of feminism, there was an effort to randomly exchange “he” and “him” in prose with “she” and “her” but it all got a bit confusing, and anyway, God’s a “he” (right?), so we reverted to the original use. But with the increased focus these days on ferreting out the perpetration of abuse, harassment vocal suppression and inequality of women, it occurs to me there is one tiny path toward empowerment: let’s respectfully, deferentially refer to ourselves as who we are – Gals!

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