Heavy snow could mean financial trouble

Posted by Jill Boynton on February 12, 2015

Its winter and we should all be prepared for snow, but this winter has been a record-breaker!  And it isn’t over yet. While you’re shoveling your walkway for the hundredth time keep in mind that the heavy amounts of snow that have fallen over the past couple of months could be damaging to homes and cause financial trouble.

 Ice dams prevent proper drainage of snow and water from the roof.  If you see icicles hanging from your roof this is an indication that water is backing up, freezing and forming an ice dam.  Water might then get under the roof shingles and into the walls, damaging insulation and causing mold and mildew.  Ice dams should be removed and excessive snow raked off the roof.

On the other hand if you see no snow on your roof this is an indication that you might be losing heat through the roof area.  Some studies show that insulating the attic will drop heating costs by as much as 20%.  The payback for insulating the attic – or walls if you have an older home with little insulation – is substantial.

Finally, keep your walkways clear!  Homeowners might be held responsible if they fail to remove dangerous snow and ice, and individuals on their property are injured.  Make sure your homeowners policy has sufficient liability protection.

Only 5 more weeks until Spring!

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