The Dog Days of Summer

Posted by Jill Boynton on August 2, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, the “dog days of summer” have nothing to do with lying around in the heat with your tongue sticking out. The phrase actually originated in Greek and Roman literature and referred to the dog star, Sirius, which appeared to rise just before the sun in late July. This coincided with the hottest time of the year which was further associated with disease and war. Through the years we’ve morphed the phrase into one that doesn’t connote a warning, but rather identifies the hottest days of summer when physical activities are replaced with lazy naps.

How are you spending your dog days? Here in New England we start counting down the days of summer come August 1st, knowing that all too soon there will be just a hint of cool air that portends the coming Fall. It’s time to break out the “Things I Will Do This Summer” list and see what’s left to check off. There are plenty of activities that won’t break the bank. Maybe a trip to the beach? Blueberry picking? (If you haven’t done that, now is the time! The bushes are bursting with berries!) Also, now is the time to take advantage of the end-of-summer sales, when you can pick up summer clothes and lawn furniture for less. Whatever you do, make the most of these dog days. They are a reminder that summer is short, just as life is short, and sometimes you have to kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

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