The Pendulum Swings Towards Corporate Responsibility

Posted by on October 3, 2016

Morningstar, a leader in investment research and mutual fund analysis, has launched new Sustainability Ratings in partnership with Sustainalytics. This new rating system is applied across all mutual funds whether they are considered to be a ‘SRI’ (Socially Responsible Investment) or not. The new rating system reveals that many non-SRI funds are indeed sustainable. With Morningstar’s new rating system and more investors wanting to tilt their portfolios towards SRI, especially millennials, this could cause a shift in corporate responsibility, forcing companies to become more aware of their environmental, governance or social impact.

We are thrilled that SRI investing is growing in popularity and that there is more research around these funds. We look forward to continually helping our clients position their portfolio to reflect their values. 

-Mackenzie Arsenault

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