Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old?

Posted by Anna Traugh on February 28, 2023

Our passion here at Cornerstone is helping our clients plan their financial future. One key component to discuss is long-term care. It’s easy enough to keep putting the discussion off for “another time”, but as with so many other things, the sooner you start, the more manageable the task is.



So, why is long-term care important?

As with planning your finances, planning your care can’t happen in a vacuum. It’s important to start the discussion early, so there’s plenty of time and space for conversations to be had. Consider also “going first” if you have aging parents. If you have your own long-term care planning done, it may be easier to open the discussion up with them. Everyone can relate to wanting to hold on to their quality of life. Reach out to your planner today to start discussing your long-term care plan.









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