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A Bedtime Novel

Posted by Susan Veligor on May 21, 2013

We read over the weekend that the US Tax Code is nearly 4 million words strong. Being how we like numbers we calculated how long it would take to read this tome. The average adult reads 300 words per minute; 4 million divided by 300 equals 13,333 minutes. If you read every day for 8 hours it will take 1,667 days or a little more than 4.5 years! Hmmm . . . most of us can probably think of 4 million…

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The Life We Imagine

Posted by Susan Veligor on May 7, 2013

A healthy and very active 65-year-old member of our church passed away last week; she was a lovely person and will most certainly be missed. For many of us these events get us thinking about our own mortality and then to further wonder if we are truly “living the life we imagined." It strikes us that Baby Boomers are probably the first generation owning the luxury to even consider such a concept…

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