Cornerstone hosts Money Quotient Training

Posted by on October 24, 2019

Last week, Cornerstone hosted our second Money Quotient training. The three day training involved lectures, group discussions, and partnership role playing work where each of us completed the worksheets ourselves, as a client, and then discussed with our planner partner. This gave everyone an even better understanding of how much trust is involved when you explore these kinds of topics together, and how to be even better listeners when working with clients on their life planning process.

Our focus has always been on both the financial data and also on the fact that every one of our clients is a unique person with different beliefs, habits, and dreams that we often don’t get a chance to reflect upon in our daily lives, let alone talk about, or plan for! We enjoy helping clients explore their underlying values and concerns that influence their financial lives. This is why over the years Cornerstone has integrated several Money Quotient exercises within our planning practice. We look forward to continuing to integrate even more, to better understand how to be of the most service to a client, considering their personal point of view.

For more information about Money Quotient, click here.

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