Meet Our Pets!

Posted by Brittany Landry on June 26, 2018


This is Storm, Office Manager Brittany's 13-year-old cat.

Storm is a friendly guy who enjoys greeting visitors and following Brittany around the house. In his free time, he enjoys looking out the window and reminiscing on his glory days of catching mice and birds!


Simone is Client Service Manager Carrie's kitty.

She is two-years-old and extremely photogenic. A fun fact about Simone is that she enjoys eating pizza crust -- and loves catching mice and other bugs!


Ruby is Jill's 12-and-a-half year old Cockapoo! 

If you've been to our Newington office, you have probably seen her around! Ruby lives in Newington with Jill and loves bananas. She may even get a few bites every day from either Jill or Christina!

Murphy M.

Murphy M. belongs to Nichole, our Portfolio Manager.

Murphy is a seven-year-old German Shepherd, whose trademark is prancing around like a miniature horse (and modeling Cornerstone products!)

Murphy D.

Murphy D. belongs to our Bookkeeper, Raylene. He is a Boston Terrier with a large personality!

He enjoys following Brittany out to get the mail and finding a sunny spot to lay in the office.

Murphy joins us in our Portland office two days per week -- you can usually hear him "tap dancing" down the hallway!


Lola is one of our Principal, Susan's, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, who just celebrated her eighth birthday!

You may recognize Lola as our "Cornerstone greeter" -- Lola is typically one of the first faces you see when you enter our Portland office!

Happy belated birthday, Lola!


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