Taking Steps To Reduce Environmental Impact

Posted by Brittany Landry on May 25, 2018

Our Newington office has implemented a Zero Waste k-cup recycling box. The Zero Waste Box is made by TerraCycle, and allows us to recycle any brand (or size) k-cup. Once the box is filled with the k-cup waste, we mail the box back to TerraCycle using a pre-paid shipping label for recycling.

In Portland, we have signed up with Hannaford’s Clynk program for our returnable bottles and cans. We fill our green Clynk bag with redeemable containers and bring it to Hannaford to be processed into funds for our Clynk account. On average, each Clynk customer saves enough energy by “Clynking” in one month to power a 36” TV for 5 days. At the moment, we are looking into local organizations where we will donate our Clynk proceeds as well.

Here at the Wharf, we have shifted from using Poland Spring delivery to using a water filtration system offered through Blue Reserve. Drinking filtered water instead of bottled water benefits the environment – as we are not using any of those harmful plastic bottles (many of which are made with petroleum products).

We have also made the switch in our Portland office to an eco-friendly single serve coffee brewer – that uses 100% biodegradable pods! Not only is the cost around 30% less than our former Keurig, but it is better for the environment (and makes better tasting cups) as it allows us to customize the brew strength and amount of water used for every cup. The pods are 100% organic, 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable!

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