WMTW TV Interviews Susan Veligor about Impact of Falling Oil Prices on Retirement Portfolios

Posted by Susan Veligor on December 17, 2014

On Monday, December 15, 2014 Maine's WMTW TV Channel 8' interviewed Cornerstone Financial Planning's principal, Susan Veligor, CFP®, on the impact of current falling oil and gas prices on consumers and investor portfolios.
According to the WMTW report, although lower energy prices are now putting money back in the pockets of consumers at the pump, financial experts like Veligor say that most investor portfolios and 401Ks have energy stocks, which could see a decrease in value. "So if you’re invested in a fund like that, that holds energy stocks, then the value of your portfolio is going to drop,” said Veligor.
Veligor  also warned, “I wouldn’t recommend that they make any changes right now. It’s maybe in the short term that we’re going to see the energy stocks have an impact on the portfolio, but you don’t want to go jumping out of investments without a good solid plan and reason to do so,”
For the complete transcript and video of WMTW's report, "Maine's gas prices fall 8 cents a gallon" visit: http://www.wmtw.com/money/maines-gas-prices-fall-8-cents-a-gallon/30237982

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