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Protect your home while vacationing

Posted by Susan Veligor on 5 Jul, 2017 –

If you’re skipping the staycation this year and heading to another locale for time away it is ill advised to note this on social media. Of course your friends won’t be looking to burglarize the home but there are plenty of dishonest people who may be screening social media for this sort of opportunity. If you have children, remind them not to post about vacation plans as…


A Matching Phenomenon

Posted by Mackenzie Arsenault on 9 Jun, 2017 –

Jill and Susan have been business partners for over 12 years and a strange phenomenon has developed. Though they work in different offices, in different states, it just so happens that almost every time they get together (which is at least monthly) they wear very similar outfits! Some days it’s the same color and others it’s the same pattern. An example below; gray and black striped…


What Are The Odds?

Posted by Jill Boynton on 4 May, 2017 –

The following statistic came to my attention recently: “According to a recent study in the Journal of Aging, a full 50% of those over 65 will need care that’s sufficient to trigger benefits under a long-term care policy – substantial assistance with 2 of 6 activities of daily living, or substantial supervision due to a cognitive impairment.” That’s a staggering…


Should you buy Cannabis stocks?

Posted by Susan Veligor on 7 Apr, 2017 –

26 states have legalized marijuana. And with the increased awareness of its many medical benefits you may be wondering if now is a good time to invest in companies that grow and deliver this product. Not so fast! The federal government categorizes marijuana as a Class 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act (the same category as heroin), making it illegal according to government law. This is…


The Super Bowl and The Stock Market

Posted by Jill Boynton on 8 Feb, 2017 –

Investors look for any way to predict the market so it should come as no surprise that someone has tried to tie the outcome of the Super Bowl to market performance. In 1978 Leonard Koppett discovered a strong correlation between the Super Bowl winner and stock market performance in the same year. He found that when an AFC team won the conference the markets went down that year, and when an NFC…


Goals and expectations

Posted by Susan Veligor on 30 Jan, 2017 –

This is the time of year when many of us think about what should be accomplished over the coming 12 months. January offers a fresh start, a clean slate, and the days ahead are filled with possibility. We at Cornerstone, of course, think about investment perspectives for 2017; where the economy stands, the global macro issues we face and also the political wave of populism sweeping the world. What…


Rising Rates

Posted by Mackenzie Arsenault on 27 Dec, 2016 –

On Wednesday, December 14th the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.25%, to a range of 0.50% - 0.75%.  This was the second increase in a decade, the last one being December 2015. The increase reflects the Fed’s confidence in the US economy and Janet Yellen stated that they expect the economy to continue performing well. Some economist are predicting that the rates could rise…


What Happens Now?

Posted by Jill Boynton on 10 Nov, 2016 –

They say that the markets hate uncertainty. The election of Trump last night as our next president at least brings some certainty back into the markets, but adds to it through many unanswered questions. What will his administration do with the Affordable Care Act? Will he build a wall around our border and restrict global trade? Will Russia attempt to assert its strength on the US?These…


Live from my standing desk

Posted by Mackenzie Arsenault on 5 Oct, 2016 –

Currently Americans sit for nearly six hours per day and research has proven that this type of inactivity can lead to early death and cancer. However standing isn’t necessarily the fix, any non-activity for an extended period of time can be unhealthy whether it’s sitting or standing. In a world driven by screens we need to remind ourselves to get moving; take a walk or choose the…


The Pendulum Swings Towards Corporate Responsibility

Posted by Taylor Aisenson on 3 Oct, 2016 –

Morningstar, a leader in investment research and mutual fund analysis, has launched new Sustainability Ratings in partnership with Sustainalytics. This new rating system is applied across all mutual funds whether they are considered to be a ‘SRI’ (Socially Responsible Investment) or not. The new rating system reveals that many non-SRI funds are indeed sustainable. With…